Poster Presentations

PP01  Abraha P., Kumekawa K., Yoshikawa Y., Kato Y., Kuramoto M.

Synthesis of BN Films by RF-Biased Electron Beam Excited Plasma

PP02  Aflori M., Amarandei G., Ivan L.M., Dorohoi D., Dimitriu D.G.

Estimating Plasma Temperature for an Argon-Oxygen Discharge by Using Langmuir Probe and Optical Emission Spectroscopy

PP03  Aflori M., Amarandei G., Ivan L.M., Mihai-Plugaru M., Dimitriu D.G.

Experimental Control of the Generation and Dynamics of a Complex Space Charge Structure in DP Machine Plasma

PP04  Al-Kuzee J., Braithwaite N. St J.

Pulsed RF Bias as a Diagnostic for Dual Frequency CCP Plasmas

PP05  Al-Kuzee J., Piejak R., Braithwaite N. St J.

Density Measurements in RF Plasma Using a Hairpin Resonator

PP06  Amarandei G., Dimitriu D.G., Ionita C., Schrittwieser R.W.

Cold Plasma Phenomenon Similar with the L-H Transition in Hot Fusion Plasma
PP07  Barszczewska W., Szamrej I., Lukac P., Matejcik S.
Dissocative Electron Attachment to the Dichloropropanes
PP08  Barszczewska W., Matejcik S., Szamrej I.
The Rate Constants for Thermal Electron Capture by Some Halocarbons

PP09  Boldyryeva H., Hlidek P., Biederman H., Slavinska D.

Some Remarks to Ag/plasma Polymer Composite Thin Films Deposition
PP10 Bonaventura Z., Trunec D., Mesko M.
Temporal Evolution of Distribution Function of Plasma Electrons in Pulsed Microwave Discharge
PP11 Boscaini E., Mikoviny T., Wisthaler A., Hartungen E., Araghipour N., Märk T.D.
Characterization of wine with PTR-MS
PP12  Braithwaite N. St J.
Imaging of Transient Boundary Perturbations in RF Plasmas
PP13  Brzobohaty O., Trunec D.
The Role of Secondary Electrons in Low Pressure RF Discharge via Computer Simulation
PP14  Bucek A., Bessieres D., Zahoranova A.
Negative Corona Current Pulses in N2+N2O Gas Mixture
PP15  Cernak M., Kovacik D., Brablec A., Stahel P., Bucek A., Chorvat D.
Diffuse Coplanar Surface Barrier Discharge as a Source of Nonthermal Atmospheric Plasma
PP16  Cernakova L., Kovacik D., Kozankova J., Zahoranova A., Cernak M., Odraskova M.
Grafting of Poly-Acrylic-Acid onto Polypropylene Foils Activated by Surface Barrier Discharges in Nitrogen
PP17  Chichina M., Churpita O., Hubicka Z., Tichy M., Holdova M., Virostko P.
Investigation of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-Jet System Used for Deposition of ZnO Thin Films
PP19  Dolezal V., Mrazkova M., Dvorak P., Kudrle V., Talsky A.
Hydrogen Line Broadening in Afterglow Observed by Means of EPR
PP20  Drage E., Mayr D., Vasekova E., Webb S.M., Mason N.J. et al.
Spectroscopic Investigations of Potential Replacement Feed Gases for Use in Plasma Etching Reactors
PP21  Dvorak P., Janca J.
Energy Spectra of Ions in the Hydrogen Capacitively Coupled Low-Pressure Discharge
PP22  Fedor J., Cicman P., Coupier B., Feil S., Głuch K. et al.
Dissociative Electron Attachment to Water Molecules
PP23  Foltin V., Lukac P.
Determining the Dynamics of CH3O - CH4 Complex Interaction
PP24  Fortov V.E., Petrov O.F., Vaulina O.S.
Transport and Hydrodynamics of Gas-Discharge Dusty Plasmas
PP25  Fortov V.E., Petrov O.F, Vaulina O.S., Molotkov V.I. , Lipaev A.M. et al.
Strongly Coupled Gas-Discharge Dusty Plasmas under Microgravity
PP26  Franclova J., Kucerova Z., Bursikova V.
Electrical Properties of SiOxHyCz Coatings Prepared by PECVD
PP27  Frgala Z., Matejkova J., Kudrle V., Janca J.
Microwave CVD of Diamond from CH4/CO2 Plasma
PP28  Gorshunov N.M., Gudenko S.V.
Isotope Selective Process of Nitrogen Dissociation in a Post-discharge Zone Spectroscopy N.
PP29  Grossmannova H., Krcma F.
Volatile Organic Compounds Destruction in the Gliding Arc Plasma Discharge
PP30  Hladik J., Kolouch A., Jodas M., Spatenka P.
Plasma Treatment of a Polyethylene Powder - Effect of Plasma Penetration under the Upper Layer of the Powder
PP31  Hlavenka P., Macko P., Bano G., Plasil R., Pysanenko A., Glosik J.
Near-IR D3+ Absorption Spectra Using cw-Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
PP32  Holdova M., Hubicka Z., Churpita O., Sichova H., Chvostova D., Spatenka P.
Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-Jet Systems and their Application for Deposition of TiOx Thin Films
PP33  Holik M., Bilyk O., Marek A., Pickova I., Kudrna P., Tichy M.
Measurements with Langmuir and Emissive Probe in Magnetically Supported DC Discharge in Cylindrical Symmetry
PP34  Hoseini Z.S., Tabrizchi M.
An Alkali Ion Source for Ion Mobility Spectrometer
PP35  Husarik J., Stano M., Skalny D., Matejcik S.
Ion Mobility Study of the Negative Ions Formed in Negative Corona Discharge in Mixtures of Halogenated Molecules with Dry Air
PP36  Ipolyi I., Cicman P., Matejcik S.
Crossed Beam Measurements of Electron Impact Ionisation on L-Alanine
PP37  Ivan L.M., Amarandei G., Aflori M., Mihai-Plugaru M., Dimitriu D.G. et al.
Physical Processes at the Origin of Appearance and Dynamics of Multiple Double Layers
PP38  Janda M., Machala Z., Lukac P.
Web-EEDF: Open Source Software for Plasma Chemistry
PP39  Jasek O., Elias M., Bublan M., Kudrle V., Zajickova L. et al.
Plasma Enhanced CVD of Carbon Nanotubes in Atmospheric Pressure Microwave Torch
PP40  Jasik J., Varga J., Macko P., Martisovits V., Lukac P. et al.
Actinometric Study of O2 Dissociation in Pulsed RF 27 MHz Oxygen Discharge
PP41  Jasso M., Hudec I., Krump H., Bucek A., Cernak M. et al.
Influence of DCSBD on the Adhesion and Chemical Properties of PET Reinforcing Materials
PP42  Koller J., Pichal J., Aubrecht L., Vatuna T., Spatenka P.
Application of Barrier Discharge Plasma for Polyester Fabric Treatment
PP43  Kopyra J., Forys M.
Low Energy Electron Interaction with Halocarbons
PP44  Kucerova Z., Bursikova V., Perina V., Franta D., Zajickova L. et al.
Influence of the Temperature on Properties of Plasma Polymerised Organosilicon Coatings
PP45  Kudlacek P., Vlcek J., Houska J., Han J.G., Jung M.J., Kim Y.M.
Characterization of Grid-Assisted Magnetron Sputtering using Energy-Resolved Mass Spectroscopy
PP46  Kudrle V., Talsky A., Mrazkova M., Vasina P.
Role of Oxygen Admixture on Nitrogen Afterglow
PP47  Langer J., Martin I., Matejcik S., Illenberger E.
Electron-Driven Reactions in Isolated and Aggregated C2F5I Molecules
PP48  Lukac P., Foltin V., Morva I.
Model of the Dissociative Recombination of Ne2+ Ions Based on the Statistical 'Phase-Space Theory'
PP49  Mach P., Staemmler V., Urban J.
Resonance Energy in Chlormethane. Quasi-Diatomic Potential Curve Study
PP50  Marek A., Kudrna P., Holik M., Bilyk O., Tichy M.
2D PIC Simulation of DC Magnetized Plasma in Cylindrical Configuration
PP51  Mesko M., Vasina P., Munoz Espadero J., Kudrle V., Talsky V., Janca J.
Study of High Power Pulsed Microwave Discharge Afterglow
PP52  Mikoviny T., Hartungen E., Wisthaler A., Plankensteiner K., Reiner H. et al.
Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) Measurements of Gas Phase Products in Pulsed Spark Discharge in CO2+N2+H2O Atmosphere
PP53  Morvova M., Morva I., Fogelova B., Onderka M., Lukac P.
Synergetic Effect of Non-Thermal Plasma Based Systems and Electrolysis for Waste-Water Cleaning
PP54  Morvova M., Morva I., Hensel K., Kosinar I., P. Lukac P.
The Removal of CO2, CO, NOX and Nicotine from Tobacco Smoke Using Non-Thermal Plasma System
PP55  Musa G., Mustata I., Lungu C.P., Vladoiu R., Ciupina V., Bursikova V.
Tungsten Thin Film Deposition Using Thermionic Vacuum Arc (TVA) Method
PP56  Nafikova E.P., Pshenichnyuk S.A., Asfandiarov N.L.
The Method of Evaluation of Negative Ion Autodetachment Lifetime: Application to ETS Data Interpretation
PP57  Novak I., Steviar M., Chodak I.
Investigation of Surface and Adhesive Properties of Polyester Pre-Treated by Barrier Discharge Plasma
PP58  Novak S., Hrach R.
Morphology of Polymer Nanocomposites
PP59  Novotny O., Plasil R., Pysanenko A., Glosik J.
The Recombination of D3+ and D5+ Ions with Electrons in Deuterium Containing Plasma
PP60  Pawlat J., Hensel K., S. Ihara
Decomposition of Humic Acids Methylene Blue during the Electrical Discharge in Foam
PP61  Prajzler V., Perina V., Mackova A., Spirkova J., Huttel I., Hamacek J.
Rare Earth Doped Gallium Nitride Fabricated by Magnetron Sputtering
PP62  Prochazkova J., Stara Z., Krcma F., Slavicek P.
OES in the DC Diaphragm Discharge in Liquids
PP63  Pshenichnyuk S.A., Gallup G.A., Burrow P.D.
Electron Transmission Spectroscopy of a Series of Monobromoalkanes
PP64  Sanduloviciu M., Dimitriu D.G., Furtuna C., Amarandei G., Lozneanu E.
On the Bistable Behavior of Electrical Current Conductors
PP66  Skalicky T., Allan M.
The Assignment of Dissociative Electron Attachment Bands in Compounds Containing Hydroxyl and Amino Groups
PP67  Skalny J.D., Orszagh J., Mason N.J.
Decomposition of Ozone Produced in Negative Corona Discharge Fed by Air, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide
PP68  Stahel P., Bursikova V., Sira M., Navratil Z.
Protective Coatings Deposition on Paper by Atmospheric Pressure Surface Barrier Discharge
PP69  Stemprok R.
Plasma Density Measurement Using Ion Probes
PP70  Steviar M., Novak I., Chodak I.
Study of Polyolefins Modified by Barrier and Glow Discharge Plasma
PP71  Stryhal Z., Cokeliler D., Pavlik J., Vagner T., Boris I.
The Plasma Oxidation of Tin Thin Films: AFM and SIMS Study
PP72  Tarana M., Kocan M., Matejcik S., Skalny J.D.
Role of Excited Atomic O(1D) and Molecular O2(1Δg) States in Generation of Ozone in Negative Corona Discharge Fed by Oxygen
PP73  Varga J., Jasik J., Macko P., Martisovits V., Lukac P. et al.
Rotational Temperature Measurements in Nitrogen RF Discharge at Intermediate Pressures
PP74  Veis P., Cojocaru C.S., Le Normand F.
Gas Temperature Determinantion from C2 Swan Band Emission of Plasma Assisted HF CVD Process of Carbon Nanotubes Growth
PP75  Vinodkumar M., Joshipura K.N., Mason N.J.
Modelling Electron Interactions with Plasma Molecules: A Semi - Rigorous Method
PP76  Zabudla Z., Lukac P., Mikus O.
Gas Temperature Dependence of Dissociative Recombination Coefficients of Ions Ar2+ and Kr2+ with Electrons
PP77  Zajickova L., Wagner N.J., Cordill M.J., Heberlein J.V.R., Perina V. et al.
Thermal Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Nitride Based Hard Coatings
PP78  Zajickova L., Ptasinska S., Cingel M., Matejcik S.
Study of Electron Impact Ionization and Electron Attachment to HMDSO
PP79  Zlamal F., Sira M., Stahel P., Trunec D.
Surface Modification of Polycarbonate in Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge