The Symposium on Applications of Plasma Processes (SAPP) is a biennial international symposium on plasma processes and their applications. The topics of the symposium range from the basic plasma physics and chemistry to plasma applications for materials processing and environmental treatments.

The symposium is the successor of the Symposium on Elementary Processes and Chemical Reactions in Low Temperature Plasma. It was founded by Prof. Stefan Veis to establish a forum for activities in the field of low temperature plasma physics and also to bridge the gap between basic research and industry. First symposium was organized in Donovaly (1975), followed by Vratna (1978), Krpacovo (1980), Stara Lesna (1982), Stiavnicke Bane (1984), Jelsava - Hradok (1986), Stara Tura - Dubnik (1988), Stara Lesna (1990), Casta (1992), Stara Lesna (1994) and finally Liptovsky Jan (1998). The symposia were chaired by Prof. Stefan Veis (1975-1980), Prof. Peter Lukac (1982-1994) and Assoc. Prof. Marcela Morvova (1998).

To follow the research trends and interests with respect to industrial and environmental applications of plasma processing in the next decade, the symposium scope was slightly modified and its name was changed to Symposium on Applications of Plasma Processes. To avoid overlaps with other symposia and busy schedule of many participants in the summer period, the organizers decided to transform it into a winter symposium. The 12th symposium (the first SAPP) was held in Liptovsky Jan (1999), followed by Tale (2001) and last time in Liptovsky Mikulas (2003).

The EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing (EUJJSPP) is an annual international symposium on plasma processing. It was established to develop links between the EU academic technological plasmas community and Japanese industry and academic communities. The topic of the symposium is the recent development of the next generation of semiconductor technologies. First symposium was organized in Stockholm (2003), followed by Tokyo in 2004.

The meetings of 15th Symposium on Applications of Plasma Processes and 3rd EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing will jointly be held on January 15 to 20, 2005 in Podbanske, West Tatra Mountains, and will focus on both traditional and emerging fields of plasma science and plasma processing.