SAPP_XX SAPP XX 17.-22.1.2015, Hotel SLOVAN, Tatranská Lomnica
Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia

20th Symposium on Application of Plasma Processes
COST TD1208 Workshop on Application of Gaseous Plasma with Liquids

SAPP XX - Topics

  • Electrical discharges and other plasma sources
  • Elementary processes and plasma chemical reactions
  • Plasma-surface interactions
  • Plasma treatment of polymer and biological materials
  • Nanometer-scaled plasma technology
  • Ion mobility spectrometry

SAPP XX Programme - click and download the pdf

SAPP XX - Invited Lectures

1Satoshi Hamaguchi (JP)Reaction and transport of plasma-generate reactive species in liquid
2Philipp Sulzer (AT)Selective Reagent Ionization - Mass Spectrometry (SRI-MS): Advancements in Instrumentation and Novel Applications
3Ronny Brandenburg (DE)Novel insights in the development of dielectric barrier discharges
4Jean-Paul Booth (FR)Halogen inductively-coupled plasmas: comprehensive absolute measurements for model validation and improvement
5Ivo Utke (CH)Writing novel nanoscale materials with focused electron beams and volatile metal-containing compounds
6Denis Kalupin (DE)Integrated Modelling activities for TOKAMAKs
7Mário Janda (SK)Spatiotemporal imaging of self-pulsing nanosecond discharges
8Jan Benedikt (DE)Study of plasma-chemistry processes in atmospheric pressure plasmas: Absolute density measurements of radicals, VUV spectroscopy and simulations
9Petr Vašina (CZ)Understanding of hybrid pvd-pecvd process with aim to control grow of nanostructured composite coatings
10Andreas Walte (DE)Ion mobility spectrometry for the detection of toxic gases - overview of the technology and improvements

COST TD1208 Workshop - Invited Lectures

1Malte Hammer (DE)Influence of plasma-treated liquids on structure and function of lipid membranes
2Fernando Brandi (IT)Nanoparticle generation by pulsed lased ablation in liquid
3Eva Dolezalova (CZ)Active but nonculturable state of Escherichia coli induced by plasma generated in surface and liquid phase
4Zdenko Machala (SK)Water electrospray through air corona and spark discharges and induced water chemistry
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