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SAPP_XVIII SAPP XVIII 18th Symposium on Application of Plasma Processes
Workshop on Plasmas as a Planetary Atmosphere Mimics
15.-20.1.2011, Hotel Boboty, Vrátna, Malá Fatra, Slovakia

Invited Lectures

1T.D. MärkPTR-MS and Beyond: Fundamentals, Developments and Applications
2K. BeckerAtmospheric-Pressure Plasmas: Scientific Challenges and Technological Opportunities
3R. PanekStatus of Fusion Research in Tokamaks
4N. CarrascoGas Phase Chemistry in a Plasma Setup Simulating Titan Atmospheric Reactivity
5P. DefranceElectron Impact Fragmentation of Molecular Ions
6R.P. BrinkmannSimulation of Capacitively Coupled RF Discharges, Including Nonlinear Electron Resonant Heating, the Electrical Asymmetry Effect, Electromagnetic Effects in Large Area Discharges
7H. Abdoul-Carime"Event-by-Event" Analysis Technique as a Tool to Investigate Elementary Processes in Plasma
8J. GlosikRecombination in Low Temperature Plasma
9I. KorolovRate coefficient measurements of asymmetric charge transfer reactions
10B. GrahamPlasmas in Liquids
11T. FieldElectron Attachment to Radicals Relevant to Fluorocarbon Plasmas
12M. DorsPlasma Treatment of Drinking Water
13J. RoepckeOn Progress Using Mid-Infrared Absorption Techniques for Plasma Diagnostics - From Basic Research to Industrial Applications

Short Lectures

1N. MasonPlasma Discharges as a Probe of Chemical Processes in Planetary Atmospheres
2J. OrszaghCorona Discharge as an Eenvironment for Simulation of Plasma-Chemical Processes in Martian Atmosphere
3F. KrcmaOptical Emission Spectroscopy of Atmospheric Pressure Discharges in Nitrogen-Methane Gas Mixtures
4D. AscenziChemistry of Molecular Ions in Planetary Atmospheres and in Laboratory Plasmas
5Z. DonkoElectron Kinetics in Air Studied by Monte Carlo Simulation
6K. WnorowskiElectron Impact Ionization of W(CO)6: Appearance Energies
7J. FedorInfluence of Environment on the Molecular Photodissociation: Cluster Experiments
8M. R.-RadjenovicThe Breakdown Voltage Curves in Argon DC and RF Discharges from Large to Small Gap Sizes
9H. GhomiDBD Pulsed Plasma for Surface Sterilization
10M. SaboFormation of Negative Ions in Corona Discharge Studied by Ion Mobility/Mass Spectrometry Technique: Application on Trace Gas Detection
11L. PolachovaSimulation of Titan's atmosphere processes using DC gliding arc discharge
12A. TothSurface Modification of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) by Helium Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
13S. RouckaStudy of Astrophysically Relevant Hydrogen Chemistry: Combining an RF Ion Trap with a Cold Effusive Beam
14V. MazankovaInfluence of Mercury Titration on Kinetic Processes in Nitrogen Post-Discharge
15O. ChumakDischarge Fluctuations Presentation by Entropy Maps
16R. VladoiuApplications of the Nanometer-Scaled Carbon Based Thin Films Deposited by TVA Technology
17J. KopyraLow Energy Electron Driven Processes in Halosubstituted Organic Acids: The Case of Trichloroacetic Acid
18T. NamihiraHigher Yield Ozone Generation Using Nano-Seconds Pulsed Discharge
19M. KonradGasification of Pyrolytic Oil from Waste Tires in Thermal Plasma Reactor
20M. KormundaA Single Target RF Magnetron Co-Sputtered Iron Doped Tin Oxide Films with Nano Pillars
21J. BenediktDeposition of SiOx Films by Means of Atmospheric Pressure Microplasma Jets
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