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SAPP_XVIII SAPP XVIII 18th Symposium on Application of Plasma Processes
Workshop on Plasmas as a Planetary Atmosphere Mimics
15.-20.1.2011, Hotel Boboty, Vrátna, Malá Fatra, Slovakia


We cordially invite you to attend the 18th Symposium on Applications of Plasma Processes (SAPP XVIII), Workshop on research of plasma physics and applications. The symposium will be held at Hotel Boboty in Vrátna, Malá Fatra between January 15 and January 20, 2011. The symposium organizers and committee members invite you and your family to this exciting event. We are looking forward to your participation, and sincerely hope that you will take this wonderful opportunity to enjoy the enchantment of Vrátna valley.

Štefan Matejčík
Symposium Chair

Department of Experimental Physics
Comenius University
Mlynská dolina, 84248 Bratislava, Slovakia
e-mail: sapp@neon.dpp.fmph.uniba.sk
telephone: +421 2 60295686
fax: +421 2 65429980

Invited Lectures

  1. P. Defrance - Electron impact fragmentation of molecular ions
  2. K. Becker - Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas: Scientific Challenges and Technological Opportunities
  3. B. Graham - Plasmas in Liquids
  4. T.D. Märk - PTR-MS and beyond: fundamentals, developments and applications
  5. J. Roepcke - Infrared diagnostics of low temperature plasma
  6. M. Dors - Plasma Treatment of Drinking Water
  7. H. Abdoul-Carime - "Event-by-Event" Analysis Technique as a Tool to Investigate Elementary Processes in Plasma
  8. R.P. Brinkamnn - Simulation of capacitively coupled RF discharges, including nonlinear electron resonant heating, the electrical asymmetry effect, electromagnetic effects in large are discharges
  9. R. Panek - Status of Fusion Research in Tokamaks
  10. I. Korolov - Rate coefficient measurements of asymmetric charge transfer reactions
  11. T. Field - Attachment to radicals
  12. J. Glosik - Recombination in low temperature plasma
  13. N. Carrasco - Gas phase chemistry in a plasma setup simulating Titan atmospheric reactivity

Organizing Committee

Štefan Matejčík (chairman)
Peter Papp (secretary)
Juraj Országh (secretary)
Ján Matúška

International Scientific Committee

Prof. M. Cernak Masaryk University, Brno
Dr. Z. Donko Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest
Prof. N. Mason Open University, Milton Keynes
Prof. T.D. Märk Leopold-Franzens University, Innsbruck
Prof. J. Mizeraczyk Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdansk


Department of Experimental Physics , Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
Society for plasma research and applications, Bratislava, Slovakia
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