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December 1st, 2000 Third Announcement web released


Welcome to the Third Announcement of

13th Symposium on
of Plasma Processes


    Department of Plasma Physics & Institute of Physics  
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics 
Comenius University Bratislava
Union of Slovak Mathematicians and Physicists


Symposium will be held in January 15 - 21, 2001 at Interhotel Partizan, Tale, Slovak Republic. The SAPP is a biannual winter conference, focused mainly on the problems of the low temperature plasma. The most important policy of the organizers is to give an important room in symposium program for the presentation of novel fields for low temperature plasma applications. 

The scope of the Symposium is identical with the scope of the previous Symposia on Application of Plasma Processes organized since 1975. The Symposiumís topics are:  

      1. Electrical Discharges and Other Sources  
          of Low Temperature Plasma.  

      2. Elementary Processes and Chemical Reaction  
          in Low Temperature Plasma.  
      3. Plasma-Surface Interactions.  
      4. Plasma Applications. 

Following the tradition of previous SAPP meetings, the symposium program consists of the early morning and late afternoon lecture sessions, between  which the time for winter sports activities is left. 

A book of presented papers in the form of extended abstracts (2 pages for contributed and 4 pages for invited papers) will be distributed at the participants registration.


Local Organizing Committee

Mirko Cernak  

Institute of Physics 

Miroslav Zahoran

Dept. of Plasma Physics 

Stefan Matejcik

Dept. of Plasma Physics

Jozef Rahel

Institute of Physics

Anna Zahoranova

Institute of Physics

Pavol Veis

Dept. of Plasma Physics


    Symposium Contact Address

    Department of Plasma Physics, Comenius University, Mlynska dolina F-2, 
    842 48 Bratislava, Slovakia 
    Phone: (+421 7) 60295281
    Fax: (+421 7) 65425882

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