Topics range from the basic plasma physics and chemistry to industrial processes and processing techniques. The symposium is an excellent opportunity for formal presentations and informal discussions, as well as exchange of ideas on recent developments between researchers and industrial partners.

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1. Electrical discharges and other plasma sources
2. Elementary processes and plasma chemical reactions
3. Plasma-surface interactions
4. Plasma treatment of polymers and biological materials
5. Nanometer-scaled plasma technologies


The five-day conference will include invited lectures, special reports and poster presentations. Invited lectures will be given in the morning and afternoon sessions. Every topic will be covered with two lectures, allotted with 45 minutes including the discussion. The special reports will be presented in the afternoon and allotted with 25 minutes including the discussion. The poster sessions are planned for late afternoons.
Overhead projectors and beam projectors will be provided in all oral sessions. Presenters requiring special equipment such as slide projectors (35mm) and VCR's should indicate these requirements on the abstract form.
  two invited lectures
  leisure activities (skiing, sauna, fitness, trips) 
  special reports and poster sessions

Invited lectures

Electrical Discharges and Plasma

K. Becker - Microplasmas: Scientific Challenges, Technological Applications and Limitations
Stevens Institute of Technology, New York, USA
M. Bilek - A new multi-cathode high current pulsed cathodic arc thin film deposition system
School of Physics, The University of Sydney, Australia
M. Černák - Low-cost and high-speed plasma surface treatments at atmospheric-pressure
Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
Z. Donko - Modeling of dual-frequency capacitive discharges
Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
P. Lukeš - Electrical discharges in water
Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech republic
J. Mizeraczyk - Atmospheric pressure microwave discharges for gaseous pollution control
(Jerzy Mizeraczyk, Miroslaw Dors, Emilia Metel, Janusz Podlinski)
Academy of Sciences, Gdansk, Poland
M.J. Sadowski - Deposition of Thin Superconducting Coatings by Means of Ultra-High Vacuum Arc Facilities
The Andrzej Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Warsaw, Poland
R. Schrittwieser - Cavity-Hollow Cathode as Sputtering Source
University Innsbruck, Austria
J. Vlček - High-power pulsed magnetron discharges for ionized high-rate sputtering of films
West Bohemian University, Plzen, Czech Republic

Elementary Processes in Plasma

Z. Herman - Collisions of slow ions with room-temperature and heated carbon and tungsten surfaces
Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech republic
N. Mason - Ion bombardment of astrochemical ices
Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
T.D. Märk - Elementary plasma reactions revisited: electron ionization and ion surface reaction
University Innsbruck, Austria
P. Swiderek - Investigation of electron-induced reactions in the condensed phase by thermal desorption spectrometry
University Bremen, Germany

Progress Reports

Currently accepted Progress Reports:

1. Electrical discharges and other plasma source

Z. Stara - Removal of organic dyes from water solutions by the diaphragm discharge
Technical University Brno, Czech rep.
V. Chernyak - Electrical discharge in a gas channel with a liquid wall and its applications
Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
D. Dimitriu - Transition to chaos by cascade of period-doubling bifurcations in plasma
Plasma Physics, Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
K. Hensel - Physical Properties and Plasma-Chemical Effects of  Microdischarges in Porous Ceramics
Comenius University
T. Hoder - Cross-correlation spectroscopy investigation of the coplanar barrier discharge in air at atmospheric pressure
Masaryk University
C. Ionita-Schrittwieser - Multiple double layer structures in plasmas
Leopold-Franzens University of Innsbruck
J. Limpouch- Hard X-ray generation and particle acceleration in short-pulse laser target interactions
Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech rep.
P. Hartmann - Numerical experiments on complex plasmas
Research Institute for Solid State Physics
M. Dors - Water remediation with a pulsed corona discharge
Centre for Plasma and Laser Engineering, The Szewalski Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery

2. Elementary processes and plasma chemical reactions

N. Asfandiarov - Temporary anion states and dissociative electron attachment to nitrobenzene derivatives
Russian Acedemy of sciences, Ufa, Russia
I. Bald - DNA damage by LEE: DEA studies on gas phase biomolecules
Freie University Berlin, Germany
W. Barszczewska - Dissociative electron attachment to chloro-bromo hydrocarbons
Akademia Podlaska, Siedlce, Poland
J. Glosik - High resolution laser spectroscopy of ions
Charles University, Prague, Czech rep.
O. Ingolfsson - Transient negative ions of Hexafluoroacetone Azine ((CF3)2CNNC(CF3)2); formation and decay
University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland
P. Papp - Dissociative electron attachment to amino acids - theoretical study
Comenius University

3. Plasma-surface interactions

P. Virostko - Various types of plasma-jet systems applied for deposition of oxide films
Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech republic
B. Grančič - Structure and properties of superhard TiB2 coatings prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
Comenius University

4. Plasma treatment of polymer and biological material

H. Biederman - Organic Coatings Prepared by RF Sputtering of Polymers
Department of Macromolecular Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics Charles University, Prague
I. Hudec - The Influence of Plasma Treatment and Plasma Polymerization on Adhesion of Polyester Cords to Rubber
Slovak University of Technology
A. Toth - Plasma-based energetic particle beam treatment of polymeric materials
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Chemical Research Center, Hungary

5. Nanometer-scaled plasma technologies

A. Huczko - Carbon Arc Plasmas a Source of Novel Nanocarbons
Department of Chemistry, Warsaw University
H. Drexel - Nano-crystalline Diamond Coatings - A Basic Technology for Various Applications
Rho-BeSt coating
A. Kolitsch - Indium tin oxide thin film properties deposited by reactive pulsed magnetron sputtering
Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research
V. Novokshenov - Resonant excitation and control of high order dispersive nonlinear waves
Institute of Mathematics RAS
R. Vladoiu - Tribological properties and characterization of the nanostructured carbon thin film deposited by Thermionic Vacuum Arc technology
Ovidius University
2006 Jan Matuska and KEF FMFI UK