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19th Symposium on Application of Plasma Processes

Workshop on Ion Mobility Spectrometry
26.-31.1.2013, Hotel Boboty, Vrátna, Malá Fatra, Slovakia

Hotel Boboty

Hotel Boboty is situated in the northern part of Malá Fatra National Park in Vrátna valley. One of the most famous ski resort in Slovakia is situated there. The capacity of the hotel is large enough for a usual size of SAPP conference, however due to a limited number of single bedrooms its capacity will be significantly reduced. Hotel Boboty

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Double bedroom
Congress hall
Ski resort Restaurant
Swimming pool

How to Get There?

By Shuttle bus

The shuttle bus for conference participants will leave:
  • January 26th (Saturday),

    from arrivals of Vienna Airport, assisted by the member of the LOC

    from Hotel Družba in Bratislava (see the map on right)

  • January 31st (Thursday), 12:30

    from Hotel Boboty to Bratislava, after the lunch.
If you are interested in travel by shuttle bus, please fill in the optional fields at registration or contact us as soon as possible by e-mail. Keep in mind that the bus capacity is limited.

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By Plane

Although the closest airport to Vrátna is the airport in Žilina, however without international connection until now. Therefore it is better to fly to Bratislava Airport or Vienna Airport and get to the place of meeting using another possible connections. From Vienna Airport get to Bratislava by a bus and then you can change to bus or train to Žilina, or you can couple the shuttle bus organized.

By Train

The closest town to the conference site with international train connections is Žilina with regular connections from Bratislava, Prague and Košice. The information about the trains can be obtained on the webpage of the Slovak Railways.

By Bus

The closest town with international bus connections is Žilina. You should take a direct bus to Terchová.
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