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Trencianske Teplice
Kúpeľná Dvorana, Trenčianske Teplice

12.-17.9.2010, Slovakia

Excursion to Bojnice Castle for HAKONE XII Participants

Bojnice Excursion to one of the most famous castles in Slovakia is on the programme on Wednesday afternoon. All participants of HAKONE XII are cordially invited to attend this excursion. The castle is approximatelly 1 hour of travel by a bus from the conference venue, ZOO is also located directly at the castle. Additional social programme can be organized in Bojnice, depending on the free time left. For more details click on the picture of the castle, you will be redirected to the official homepage of Bojnice castle. All the costs concerning this excursion (travel costs, tickets to castle...) are inlcuded in the conference fee.

Everyday Social Programme for the Accompanying Persons

Spa in Trenčianske Teplice

Trencianske Teplice Participants of the conference are welcome to visit one of the most famous Spa in Slovakia that is in Trenčianske Teplice. Spa will be available for all the participants everyday offering many helathy procedures. It is necessary to book your attendance on some procedures in the spa therefore in case of your interest you will be asked to contact the organizers directly at the conference venue to make this reservation for you. The spa procedures are not included in the conference fee, participants has to pay for each procedure. After clicking on the picture of the spa on left you can read more about the procedures oon the official homepage of the spa.

Trip to Bratislava

Bratislava One day trip to our capital Bratislava can be organized. The largest city of Slovakia provides a lot of possibilities to visit, from historical places to modern shopping centers. Sightseeing of the historical center of the city, as well as free time for shopping will be on the programme during that day. Bratislava is approximatelly 1,5 hour way by a bus, therefore lunch will be included in this trip in the centre of the city. More information for visitors can be found on the official homepage of city travel guide that can be accesed after clicking on the picture of the city.

Trip to Trenčín

Trencin Trenčianske Teplice belong to the district of Trenčín city, that is one of the top ten largest cities in Slovakia. A typical symbol of this city is its castle on the hill right in the midle of city, under this hill a historical center is situated that gives a lot of possibilities to visit. As the city is less than 30 minutes far away from the conference venue several smaller trips can be organized for the conference guests. To read more about Trenčín click on the picture of the castle, you will be redirected to the official homepage of city travel guide.

Stud Farm in Motešice

Motesice An alternative way for a trip offered by the organizers is the visit of the largest private stud farm that is close to Trenčín city. Tour around the stables with english speaking guide will be available, also horse ride can be included in case of interest.
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