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Trencianske Teplice
Kúpeľná Dvorana, Trenčianske Teplice

12.-17.9.2010, Slovakia

Topics and Invited Lectures

T1 Fundamental Problems of High Pressure Discharges
J.-P. Boeuf: Patterned DBDs
T2 Modelling and Diagnostics
M. Allan: Measuring absolute electron-atom and electron-molecule cross sections relevant to plasmas
T3 Molecular Synthesis and Decomposition
T4 Ozone Generation and Applications
Y. Akishev: Interplay of volume and surface processes in the sustaining of microdischarges in steady-state DBD
T5 Generation of Radiation in High Pressure Discharges
T6 Depollution and Environmental Applications
H.H. Kim: Nonthermal plasma activates catalyst: From current understanding and future prospects
T7 Surface Processing and Technology (Cleaning, Coating, Etching and Modification, Equipment)
T8 Biological Applications
K.-D. Weltmann: Basic requirements for plasma sources in medicine
T9 Miscellaneous

Tentative Conference Programme

Sunday (September 12, 2010)    
14:00 Registration
19:00 Opening by Representatives of the Organizing Committees & Welcome Cocktail
19:30 Dinner
Monday (September 13, 2010) Morning session I Chairman: U. Kogelschatz
7:30 Breakfast
8:40 IL1 M. Allan: Measuring absolute electron-atom and electron-molecule cross sections relevant to plasmas
9:20 T2O1 V. Atrazhev: Spectroscopic investigations of corona discharge in high pressure helium at 300K
9:40 T2O2 R. Brandenburg: Phase resolved cross-correlation spectroscopy on surface barrier discharges in air at atmospheric pressure
10:00 Coffee Break
  Morning session II Chairman: M. Černák
10:30 T2O3 J. Jansky: Simulation of the discharge propagation in a cappilary glass tube in air at atmospheric pressure
10:50 T2O4 K. Kozlov: Spatially resolved kinetic spectroscopy of the atmospheric pressure barrier discharge plasma torch
11:10 T2O5 B. Obradovic: Time-space resolved measurement of electric field in dielectric barrier discharge in helium
11:30 T2O6 M. Simek: ICCD microscopy and spectroscopy of a single surface coplanar dbd micro-discharge driven in N2, O2 and in synthetic air at atmospheric pressure
12:00 Lunch
  Afternoon session I Chairman: H. D. Stryczewska
14:00 Poster session I & Coffee Break
16:00 T2O7 X. Duten: An experimental and modelling study of acetaldehyde oxidation by an atmospheric non-thermal discharge
16:20 T7O1 A. Brablec: Application of DD discharge for Antibacterial Activity of PP Nonwoven treated in metal salt water solution
16:40 T7O2 T. Herbert: A direct comparison between gas state and atomised liquid state precursor in the deposition of functional coatings by pin corona plasma
19:30 Dinner
Tuesday (September 14, 2010) Morning session III Chairman: H. Itoh
7:30 Breakfast
8:40 IL2 J.-P. Boeuf: Patterned DBDs
9:20 T1O1 M. Janda: Transient spark - DC driven nanosecond pulsed discharge in atmospheric air
9:40 T1O2 J. Podlinski: Elongated DBD with floating electrodes for actuator
10:00 Coffee Break
  Morning session IV Chairman: N. Gherardi
10:30 T1O3 M. Sabo: Using ims equiped with corona discharge to detect trace amounts of impurities in high purity nitrogen
10:50 T1O4 M. Sokolova: The influence of dielectric films on the macro- and microscopic properties of the barrier surface discharges
11:10 T1O5 X. Wang: Study of dielectric barrier discharge in nitrogen at atmospheric pressure
11:30 T1O6 Y. Yoshioka: Conditions of generating the atmospheric pressure townsend discharge in air by the barrier discharge device using alumina as a barrier material
12:00 Lunch
  Afternoon session II Chairman: M. Kogoma
14:00 Poster session II & Coffee Break
16:00 T7O3 D. Kovacik: Study of effects related to the continuous operating regime of DCSBD
16:20 T3O1 H. Gallon: Plasma reduction of a NiO/Al2O3 catalyst for dry reforming of CH4
16:40 T3O2 B. Verheyde: Systematic screening of process parameters in the conversion of CO2 using atmospheric pressure DBD plasma
19:30 Dinner
Wednesday (September 15, 2010) Morning session V Chairman: J. Mizeraczyk
7:30 Breakfast
8:40 IL3 K.-D. Weltmann: Basic requirements for plasma sources in medicine
9:20 T8O1 M. Dors: Inactivation of microorganisms in river water using electrical discharges
9:40 T8O2 K. Lachmann: Surface modification of closed plastic bags for adherent cell cultivation
10:00 Coffee Break
  Morning session VI Chairman: H.-E. Wagner
10:30 T8O3 Z. Machala: Biocidal agents in bio-decontamination by DC discharges in atmospheric air
10:50 T7O4 M. Kogoma: Polymerization of allyl alcohol using atmospheric pressure glow discharge
11:10 T7O5 I. Kulyk: Micro raman spectroscopy study of the penetration of the DBD treatment effect into the wool fibre
11:30 T7O6 R. Maurau: Introduction of nitrogen in organosilicon thin films deposited by dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure
12:00 Lunch
  Afternoon session III Chairman: T. Herbert
14:00 Poster session III & Coffee Break
16:00 T7O7 F. Krčma: Atmospheric pressure plasma jet for the deposition of oxides thin films at high rates
16:20 T9O1 J. Ozonek: Application of low temperature plasma for degradation of VOCs from yeast production
16:40 T9O2 A. Ulrich: Low energy electron beam driven radiolysis
17:00 Scientific Committee Meeting
19:30 Conference Dinner
Thursday (September 16, 2010) Morning session VII Chairman: M. Laan
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 IL4 H.H. Kim: Nonthermal plasma activates catalyst: From current understanding and future prospects
9:40 T6O1 I. Jõgi: No oxidation by dielectric barrier discharge and catalyst: Effect of tempereature and water vapor
10:00 T6O2 K. Krawczyk: Methane conversion with carbon dioxide in plasma-catalytic system
10:20 T6O3 P. Lukes: Biological decontamination of water by high power DC diaphragm underwater discharge
10:40 Coffee Break
  Morning session VIII Chairman: C. Yamabe
11:00 T6O4 C. Paradisi: Characterization of plasma induced phenol advanced oxidation process in DBD reactor
11:20 T6O5 K. Satoh: Decomposition characteristics of benzene, toluene and xylene in an atmospheric DC corona discharge
11:40 T6O6 A. V.-Gonzalez: Acetaldehyde oxidation using two different atmospheric pressure non thermal plasma / catalyst configurations
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Excursion
19:30 Dinner
Friday (September 17, 2010) Morning session IX Chairman: K. V. Kozlov
7:30 Breakfast
8:40 IL5 Y. Akishev: Interplay of volume and surface processes in the sustaining of microdischarges in steady-state DBD
9:20 T4O1 N. Osawa: Comparison of the ozone generation efficiency by two different discharge modes of dielectric barrier discharge
9:40 T4O2 S. Pekarek: Non traditional approaches leading to enhanced ozone generation
10:00 Coffee break
  Morning session X Chairman: D. Trunec
10:20 T4O3 M. Taguchi: Investigation of ozone zero phenomenon using new electrode and surface analysis technique
10:40 T4O4 C. Yamabe: Ozone-zero phenomena and a nitrogen addition effect on an ozone generation
11:00 Closing Ceremony
11:20 Lunch
12:30 Departure
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