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Association Euratom Comenius University

This web site describes the research activities of the Association EURATOM CU. The Association EURATOM CU coordinates the FUSION relevant research in the Slovak republic in agreement with the EFDA (European Fusion Development Agreement). Currently five institutes from five Slovak institutions participate in Association EURATOM CU:

  • The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of Slovak University of  Technology (FEEIT STU), Bratislava
  • The Faculty of Material Science and Technology of Slovak University of  Technology (FMST STU), Trnava
  • The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University (FMPI CU), Bratislava
  • The Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University (FNS CU), Bratislava
  • FUSION, Advanced Research Group, Ltd.
  • Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Five tasks from the physics and two tasks from underlying technologies are solved in this year:

P1 Material modelling
a) Modelling of tungsten hydrogen complex (Prof. Ján Urban, FMPI CU )
b) Computational studies of wall interactions with plasma components: Molecular modelling (Prof. Ivan Černušák, FNS

P2 Kinetics of inelastic electron interactions for improved plasma diagnostics and computer simulation of cylindrical probe (Prof. Štefan Matejčík, FMPI CU

P3 Soft X-ray and neutron detection system based on compound semiconductors for hot plasmas diagnostics (Dr. František Dubecky, FEE SAS)

P4 Experimental studies of plasma wall interactions by Laser Induced Plasma Technique (Prof. Pavel Veis, FMPI CU)

Task 4.1.1  Analysis of the vacancy type defects and its densities, created by ion implantation with high doses in defined depth profiles - II (Prof. Vladimír Slugeň)

Task 4.4.2 Development of HTS superconductors for DEMO (Dr. Fedor Gömöry)

WP11-DIA Application of the epsilon-net technique to the selection of magnetic equilibria using polarimetry signals (Prof. Feodor Zaitsev)

WP12-MAT Positron annihilation study of vacancy type defects induced by He ion implantation in selected ODS FS (Inf. Jarmila Degmová)

The Association EURATOM CU is open to accept additional research groups fro Slovak republic to participate on the research activities relevant to FUSION.